Coronavirus on surfaces- How we’re handling it and what you need to know

It seems like our world is changing every day with the Coronavirus.  One day we’re told face masks aren’t necessary, the next we’re told we need to wear them (I vote for wearing them.) One day we’re told not to take extra precautions with items we buy, the next we’re told to quarantine or wash everything.

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I don’t know about you but it feels confusing and overwhelming. I’m finding it easy to get frustrated with how rapidly everything changes.  Taking a calming breath and refocusing helps. None of us have done this before. None of our public health officials have done this before.  Nobody knows what this virus is going to do exactly or how it is going to play out. We are learning right alongside you.

It may seem now that the worst is behind us, but this may be the best time to err on the side of caution. If we really are moving past this, then let’s not make a false step and relapse.

What we’re doing at Kasper Organics

Like many companies, we’ve decided to be extremely careful and cautious with our shipments. Not only is this a respectful practice in the days of social distancing, but many of our customers also have chronic health problems.  Many of our customers are chemically sensitive or use green products. They can’t use the stronger cleaning products often recommended. We’re always careful with our products because we have those customers in mind always.

Here are the steps we are taking in our shop:

  • Quarantine new inventory
    • Before we open new inventory, we are leaving it packaged for several days
  • Air out
    • After the box is opened we are allowing it to air out for a week before we even touch it
  • Loose storage
    • Inventory is stored in breathable storage which is not conducive to the growth of viruses.
  • Cleaning frequently
    • We are washing the surfaces we use to make our handmade items as well as what we use for packaging and shipping more often.

o    We’re using hydrogen peroxide which is still tolerable for folks with MCS and gentle on the Earth.
o    Pens, markers, the desk, sewing machines and tools, and even our glasses are being cleaned!

In addition to these steps, we can accept custom requests for anything you’d like done when you place an order.  Let us know in the comments of your order if there’s anything specific you’d like us to do when you place your order.  Also, we are allowing an extra 15 days (for a total of 45) for returns to give you time for quarantine of a package before opening it should you feel you need it.

How long does Coronavirus last on surfaces and how can I clean orders?

Customers have been asking if they should quarantine their items when they arrive.  We usually shipping in recycled plastic envelopes unless customers request otherwise. We also sometimes use recycled crafts paper envelopes. The plastic envelopes are easier to clean, but the virus doesn’t last as long on the Kraft envelopes. So each has their advantages. What you decide to do with your orders is, of course, up to you.

Initial testing shows the virus lasts for up to three days on plastic, up to two days on cardboard, and up to five days on paper items. We could not find any information on how long it can last on fabric, except that it probably won’t last long because of the lack of moisture.

Cleaning orders after they arrive-

Again, none of us have done this before.  Health officials are split on what to do and we’re all learning together.  Here are a few options we’ve seen that are still gentle on the Earth-

Sun- The sun is an excellent disinfectant. There are folks getting mail and packages, placing them in a sunny location, washing their hands, and then leaving them alone for a couple of days. After opening, several more days of sun is an option, but remember not to let the contents become sun-damaged. Fading can occur, especially when fabrics are dyed with low-impact die. And even undyed unbleached natural colored cotton can bleach in the sun, creating lines or streaks, because it’s not bright white.

Soap and water- Our good friends soap and water are still one of the best bets for cleaning with this virus. Some are washing packaging with soap and water before opening as well as washing anything washable inside well with soap and water. just remember that closing is not returnable after it’s been washed. So quarantine may be a better option if you’re not sure you’re going to keep everything.

Peroxide- As we mentioned above, peroxide seems to be effective against this virus.  Dilution amounts vary depending on what you’re cleaning so do your homework before you use it.

We hope this is helpful information as you navigate life in the days of Coronavirus. Please let us know if you have any questions- and let us know if you’ve done anything creative with how you’re handling your mail these days!